the serpent phase

by offthesky

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Dotflac Latest addition to Jason Corder's exemplary discography, The Serpent Phase seems to cristallize the sounds of an emotional rollercoaster.

Always expressing itself in restraint, this album patiently unfolds its hidden feelings, lost between doubt and hope, looking for the light in a hazy intimate garden.

These sketches of piano for the wandering souls is a lighthouse meant to show the paved road of raw cobblestones to the transient serenity.

Delicate and meaningful.
Nathan Duin
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Nathan Duin Yet another exemplary offthesky release, which seems scarcely credible. I cannot recall a single offthesky record that I didn't listen to closely and repeatedly and this will join that long list.


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Five years in the making, and well worth the wait, comes offthesky’s latest album 'the serpent phase'. offthesky will be a name familiar to many Hibernate fans as a prolific artist, having released with us ‘The Beautiful Nowhere’ in 2011 and the ‘Exit to Anywhere’ postcard in 2013, as well as numerous releases on labels such as Home Normal, Wist Rec and Dronarivm.

Initially conceived with the aim to create a series of piano sketches exploring mobile recording techniques, ‘the serpent phase’ takes in recordings made in Chicago, Switzerland, England, Canada, Colorado, and Kentucky. These initial recordings were then added to with other instrumentation including vibraphone, guitar, a synth, drum kit, vocals and textural field recordings.

Wishing to leave any deeper meaning up to the listener’s interpretation of the music, offthesky’s atmospheric collection of pieces allows us to explore the religious, spiritual and moral connotations of dark and light periods in life.


released August 27, 2015



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